Polleria-Cansaladeria Joaquim

Parada 96-98




Opening Times

Monday to Saturday, 8 to 3PM


Phone orders

Home delivery

We accept credit cards



Specialised in

Galician beef

Great range of burgers: onion, onion/parma cheese, emmental/roasted onion /parmiggiano, capers, Majorcan, cheese/bacon, foie, truffle, Roquefort, olives/onion, goat cheese, fine herbs

Olive stuffing, pepper, ham and egg

Foie stuffing

Goat kid trays

Roast beef

Pork stuffed with prunes and bacon

Bacon wrapped filet with nuts and parmiggiano

Rabbit stuffed with foie, truffle and pine nuts

Chicken stuffed with dry peach, pistachio, pine nuts and prunes

Artisanal Catalan pork tripe sausage

Legs stuffed with quince and gorgonzola